Attention Conscious Business Babes! 
Are You Struggling to Get Consistent Clients in Your Coaching, Wellness or Service Based Business?

Let Me Show You Exactly How I Took My Own Coaching Practice From a Struggling 20k Per Year to a Strong 20k EACH MONTH Using a Simple 5-Step Process.
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Conscious Business Babe..
Are you feeling stuck and frustrated trying to be consistent income in your business?
What if you knew how to CREATE CLIENTS and build your business, with a simple and repeatable process that works EVERY TIME?
How would it feel to:
→ Know exactly what will make the difference in your business (and then implement!)?
→ Have a wait list for your services?
→ Collaborate with industry leaders?
→ Make 5 figures a MONTH in your business?
Well, you're in the right place!
Because this Simple 5-Step Process is about to change your business forever, just like it took mine from $20k per year to $20k EACH MONTH!
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You have an idea you KNOW you want to turn into a business, but don’t know where to start
You’re overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to get from a few clients, to CONSISTENT CLIENTS in your business
You’re an aspiring coach, wellness service provider or network marketer
You are on a mission and want to make a positive IMPACT on the world
You’re starting to lose hope that you’ll ever be able to create the business you dream of
Introducing: Paid For Your Purpose
Learn Exactly How I Took My Own Coaching Practice 
From a Struggling 20k Per Year to a Strong 20k EACH MONTH


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  • The Simple 5-Step Process that you can use forever in your business for lasting results
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I share my personal story of how I went from struggling in my network marketing business, to struggling in my coaching business, not knowing how to launch, let alone get consistent clients & income… to how I then started making over $20,000 a month in my business. 

You get actionable tools, strategies and insights to get you moving in your business. 
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Hi! My name is Emily Gallagher and I believe that things are always working out in our favour… even though it may not always feel that way.
I always knew I wanted a business, but spent years trying to figure it out on my own. 

Stuck in overwhelm, fear & doubt. 

Finally, last year, I really decided to get serious with my business, and I went from struggling & confused, making $20,000 the whole year, to confident & certain & making over $20,000 consistently each month (while travelling the world for 6 months). 

Now I am committed and passionate about helping women just like you finally get clear on their mission & purpose, and start making real income and impact through their work.

Em x
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