Want to finally turn your passion into a full time business?

Hey Sister! I already know you’re committed, passion and ready to live a life of adventure, purpose & freedom. But perhaps you feel stuck and not sure where to get started? I feel you! I’ve been there.

Not too long ago I was struggling wondering if I would ever have a ‘business'. But I learnt how, and after building my own multiple six-figure business from the ground up, I've helped hundreds of women go from having just an idea to a profitable business.

I want to show you how. And because I LOVE action-takers just like you, I want to honour your commitment you have to start turning your dreams into a reality by offering you this free training.

To get the kind of results I know you want in your business, I have created a 3 part video training series for you: Conscious Boss Business Basics. FREE for a limited time. 

Now, don’t let the name fool you! If implemented in your business, there will be nothing basic about the results you will achieve.  I'll share with you some of the exclusive content that only my VIP clients get.

In this FREE training you will learn:

 How to create a clear plan to LAUNCH and grow your business now
 Find out the mindset hack that is holding you back from creating success now 
 Discover who your ideal client is, and why this is SO important
 Find out why they're not currently buying from you (and how to change that!)
 Branding basics: How to stay true to your brand​​​​​​​


​​​​​​​The only video series training that you need to finally create a clear plan to launch and get your business to consistent 4-5 figure months

Does this sound like you?

You’re ready to start putting the plan in place to get your business to consistent income months
 You have a global vision but you’re unclear how to break it down into actions
 You’re a coach or wellness service provider but you’re not sure who you want to work with (this is important)
 You’re passionate and driven, but can’t seem to find the confidence to create your business
 You like digestible information and like to take fast action
What you’ll get in this video training series
Module 1
Vision Creation & Goal Setting
How to get clear on the vision for your business and break it down into actionable goals.

You’ll learn how to get started on turning your dreams into a reality NOW!
Module 2
Mindset & Beliefs
​​​​​​​Why right now everything is working out, but you just can’t see it, and how to change your beliefs, actions and your results.

You’ll learn how to breakthrough and create an empowered new mindset.
Module 3
Target Market, Message & Brand
Clarity on who you want to call into your business, what it is you stand for, and why people should work with you.

This is where every decision in your business gets easier!
Module 1 - Vision Creation & Goal Setting 
Module 2 - Mindset & Beliefs

Module 3 - Target Market, Message & Brand 
Here's what is possible for you & your business...
Julia Craig
Wellness Coach
Emily is amazing at just lifting you up and getting you started. I gained more confidence and I signed up my first client. 
Christine Corcoran
Life Coach
When I started working with Emily, I was stuck. I am now clear on every aspect of my business, have created an epic product and am taking on new clients every week.
Kathryn Ottobrino
Coach & Reiki Practitioner
My business has never grown so fast in the last 4 months and I 100% know it’s because of the work that I have done with Emily.
Laura Cridge
Owner Chezlolo Naturals
Emily not only probed me with eye opening questions, she made me realize my potential which has enabled me to double my client base in only 2 months!
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What Industry Leaders are saying about me...
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Alexi Panos
Speaker | Humanitarian | Coach | Founder of Soul School
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Make sure you connect with Emily, make sure you find a way to work with her.
I had the amazing pleasure of getting to meet and work with Emily Gallagher and Conscious Boss brand. Emily is one of those people who is truly committed to serving and is truly committed to expanding what's possible for business in general in the world.  
Make sure you connect with Emily, make sure you find a way to work with her. It's just the beginning of our relationship together and I just know we are going to create some extraordinary things. She is definitely somebody to watch in these next few years. Because she puts her mind to something and she creates incredible results.
Preston Smiles
Speaker | Humanitarian | Coach | Thought leader
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 If you are thinking about working with Emily do it asap. She is the real deal.
I can’t say enough about Emily Gallagher and the Conscious Boss movement. She is an absolute pleasure to work with.
She is more than a Conscious Boss, I consider her a friend. She is ridiculously crazy and fun and super professional and somebody I would work with 1000 times. She is absolutely amazing and I can't sing her praises enough. 
If you are thinking about working with Emily do it asap. She is the real deal. 
Just imagine, how amazing it would feel to be...
And ready to act on the plan that you created!
I will show you how. 

Conscious Boss Business Basics
Emily Gallagher
Creator of the Conscious Boss Bootcamp™ for Coaches,
Trainers, Entrepreneurs & Experts
Coach | Speaker | Activist
Womens Entrepreneur Day Ambassador

​​​​​​​Why should you listen to me?
Not too long ago I was struggling wondering if I would ever have a 'business'.

Then I went from making less than (a low) 5 figures a year... to making multiple 6 figures within 10 months.

It is my mission to positively impact thousands of women supporting them in launching & growing their businesses to consistent 4 & 5 figure months.

I believe life is about being about MORE than just ourselves.

It's about Connection. Collaboration. Contribution.

I believe we can create businesses that support us financially, and also benefit the lives of the greater community we are a part of.

I don't think there should be a trade off between being profitable, and making a GLOBAL positive IMPACT through our work.

I have helped hundreds of women reconnect to their fire, their belief & build the confidence to LAUNCH and scale their businesses from $0 to 5 figure months.
Will you be one of them?

Now it's time to create yours!
Any questions? Email us at admin@consciousboss.com. Drop us an email and let us know what dream you're ready to bring into the world.

Connect with me on Instagram and let me know what you're ready to create! 
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