... a few months from now and you're surrounded by a tribe of women, you're more aligned, confident & clear on your business than ever before. Not only is your business growing, but so is your community, your relationships, and the level of fulfilment & joy you get from every area of your life has expanded to a point it feels almost unrecognisable.
A heart centered woman in business
Looking to step away from the 'hustle' while still creating results
Craving to connect deeply with a tribe of sisters
Looking to find a new way to create without burning out
Seeking more play, rest & luxury in your life & business
Want to scale your business with support & sisterhood
  • 8 weekly group calls where we dive deep into strategy, mindset and hacks for your business
  • Hot seat coaching sessions - your business + our coaching & experience = results
  • 8 weeks of business challenges to support you in scaling and taking action
  • Private Facebook Support community
  • Guest Expert sessions
  • A tribe of sisters to scale your business with
"This programme has changed my entire life, and I do not say that lightly. I'm attracting more wealth and abundance than I ever have in the history of my business. In one month I made the same amount than in the entire first year in my business.”

If there's something speaking to you about this programme. Listen to the niggle. Before logical mind gets in the way and tells you all the reasons why you shouldn't, feel into the reasons why you should. Thank you for all of your help Em, and I can't wait to continue to work with you because you're amazing!" - Hollie Azzopardi, Speaker, Writer & Coach

  • Less stress and anxiety in your business
  • A deep tribe of sisters to build your business and life with
  • A clear path from where you are in your business now, to where you want to go
  • Deeper clarity on your mission and vision, and the strategy to fulfill it
  • A deeper connection to those around you as you now move through life with more presence
  • Business that is growing and supporting you not just financially but spiritually and emotionally
Alexi has built a lifetime of results in a variety of platforms--- from the ground up--including inspirational videos that have garnered multi-millions of views worldwide and built a truly remarkable global tribe and million dollar business that includes 2 best selling books (50 Ways to Yay, NOW OR NEVER), a speaking career, and a flourishing consulting practice that includes workshops, masterminds, digital courses, small group and one on one work.

She is also the founder of a Non profit, E.P.I.C.(Everyday People Initiating Change), where she and her co-founder provide clean, sustainable water to those in need through The Ripple Project; and provide leadership and emotional intelligence training to youth around the world through her E.P.I.C Leaders Program (14+ Yrs Serving over 100,000 people in the developing world).

Alexi was named one of INC Magazine's "TOP 10 FEMALE BUSINESS LEADERS CHANGING THE WORLD", one of FORBES "TOP 10 INSPIRING WOMEN ONLINE", one of ORIGIN Magazine's "TOP 100 CREATIVES CHANGING THE WORLD" and one of "15 WOMEN THAT WOW" by Creativ Magazine.

She is a featured expert in breakout documentaries such as: THE ABUNDANCE FACTOR, RISE UP, and THE AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR, and has spoken on stages around the world with other highly respected influencers like: Gary Vaynerchuck, Jack Canfield, Esther Perel, John Assaraf, James Altutcher, JJ Virgin, Pat Flynn, Adam Braun, and Grant Cardone.
Emily is a Ted X Speaker, global event host and a leader in the Conscious business movement. She is the founder of Business Coaching Company Conscious Boss, and is on a mission to help change the habits, patterns & behaviours of our global community, through consciousness, social entrepreneurship & collaboration.

Emily has hosted over 30 events across the world, in NZ, Australia, LA & London with thousands of attendees, and has shared the stage with powerful entrepreneurs such as Preston Smiles, Alexi Panos, Ruby Warrington, Sophie Chiche, Melissa Ambrosini, Peta Kelly and more.

She is based between NZ & the US & is passionate about taking the Conscious Boss movement global & sharing the trends in all things conscious business, living & leading.

"I feel like I have a team…this environment is the only business environment that has gotten me into my heart and now everything else has been so easy. 

Working with Alexi is like if your very best friend was a biz expert and taught you everything they knew..that’s what it would be like. She’s one of the most generous people I have ever met…she has shared EVERYTHING with us, she has so much integrity—there’s no gimmicks, no holding back, and she’s coming from such a place of service and truly cares about women rising up and having these amazing leaders out there in the world sharing and serving, and it shows through everything she did in this intensive."
- Kari Azuma, Women's Leadership + Empowerment Coach

  • DAYS



When will the calls be?
The calls will take place at an arranged time factoring in the time zones who register for the programme.

What results can I expect?
Like anything, you will get out what you put in. You can expect to create a deep sisterhood with the women in the programme. You will have crystal clear clarity on not just where you're going in your business, but how to get there.

What if I have just started my business?
This programme will suit you if you have just started your business, or your 3-4 years in. Alexi and Emily have collectively been in business for 22 years and have strategies, trainings and support to share with you no matter where you're at.

What kind of business is best suited to this programme?
As this programme will be about growing your community, brand, audience and life as a whole- it will be suited to any business. As we work primarily with online service providers, coaches and consultants, this will be the ideal fit for this programme.

How long will I have access to the programme?
You will have access to the recordings and Facebook group for life.

What if I can't make the calls live?
All calls will be recorded and if you cannot make them live, you can watch on the replay.

When does this start?
The course will start, Monday June 24th Pacific time.

"It was exactly what I needed for where I was at. Alexi is one of the only people I look up to, and being able to learn from her and the other people here has been an incredible experience. She has so much value to offer on every level. It’s not just about what happens during the retreat…but the fact that we are so supported for the next 3-6 months—Alexi throws everything down and gives us absolutely everything to help us take our business to the next level."
- Sunniva Holt, Mindset & Manifestation Mentor/Author

“She's been the pivotal moment for my success in my business, and I'm so grateful. In the first 3 weeks, I made over fifteen thousand dollars, and that was, like, unfathomable before because I had a limiting belief that I was not worthy of calling in money and abundance. But the moment I had paid for this course, I told the universe that I'm taking my business seriously, and I want to up-level, and as a result and with the tools from Emily, I was able to get to that to that next level."
- Nikki Ayres, Speaker & Coach